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28 Jun

I definitively express that Luis Suarez IS unequivocally the bully in this ‘school’ called world cup and professional football/soccer. One who seems to have gained canine prowess specific for the 2014 world cup in Brazil.

Suarez canine affair in full swing.


As the senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, feeling) of the world are immersed in the world cup capital Brazil, you can’t help but be amazed at the power of sports in bringing people together. The flip side is that in its competitive nature and ability to touch hearts, evokes strong emotions that may lead to a divide.

As I follow this exhilarating affair, I can’t help but equate some of its happenings to the classroom. Most recent is the action of Uruguay’s trophy and treasure Luis Suarez. Let us all re-visit our classrooms or schools. Can you recall that one student in your class or another that was/is troublesome, provoking, bullies everyone and then gets away with it? That is exactly how I feel about Suarez’s actions. Why would he unfoundedly decide to viciously bite an opponent in the middle of a game? I didn’t know canines were allowed in the competition. No, wait, maybe he is cannibal. Oh dear, that wouldn’t be good so I am hoping that I am one hundred percent wrong, which I know I am.

Is that Suarez? hmmm (thinking)



I think Suarez continues to display these unacceptable, irrational & erratic behaviours because he has an enabler in FIFA. They allow him to get away with them. Think about it. It has been reported Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini is his third victim in four years (at least that we know of )    This website will get you up to date.  It is just like within the classroom. If penalties are not imposed on students for undesirable behaviour displayed then the child learns it is okay to do it. This is the case with Suarez & you can’t help but wonder why. In some schools, it is the consistent poking at the administers that may occasionally force a sanction and it is often a slap on the wrist. Sounds familiar? Oh yes. FIFI has given Suarez a four months ban, suspended for nine international matches and fined £66,000. This action was only forth coming after the senses of the world immersed Brazil, vehemently condemned the action and what you know? Suarez was rewarded with what some may say is a slap on the wrist. Others may contend it is too harsh, but, if you make your bed hard, in it you must lay undisturbed.

Uruguay intends to appeal. I can see why. It is the world cup season that comes once every four years and each country wants that coveted title. I am wondering, did the managers of Uruguay’s football/soccer team remind Mr Suarez of this? Maybe not. It was taken for granted that their treasure would come to no ‘harm’ as is customary. There is no mistake that Suarez is a very good football/soccer player but his attitude stinks. We try to encourage our children in schools to portray positive attitudes always, honesty and good sports-man-ship. Brilliance is nothing with a poor attitude. In the case of Suarez, his talent will eventually means nothing as it stains of bad attitude are getting more. It may lead to his eventual expulsion…well that is only if FIFA stops being an enabler. Otherwise, he will continue to play professional football/soccer until he graduates.

What say you? What happenings in world cup reminds you of the classroom/school? Please share. All views are welcomed once expressed respectfully.

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12 Jun

Two one’s two, two two’s four, two three’s six….


Here it is. Do you remember having one of these?

Do you recall saying (or should I say singing/chanting) this after lunch while you were in primary school? It was the highlight of the day. During that time, our little exercise book had them laid out in detail at the back. Without fail, you could enter almost any school compound after the lunch break and there would be at least two classes reciting timetables…I seldom hear this anymore.

Do you recall reciting poetry? The teacher would write it on the board or on a chart and you would have to learn it by heart. One of my favourite was “The Revolt of Chief Tacky” by Alma Norman. There were slots allotted for reciting the poetry in class. At that time the teacher would tell you to say it with lots of facial expression. He/she would help you interpret it so you understand it so you could find the right expression. Thus, learning poetry was fun…I seldom hear this anymore.

I still remember my timetables; I still remember some of the poems learnt then…So I ask the question, is rote learning bad?  With reform in education, so-called experts ruled that using rote is not learning and students need to learn higher order thinking skills. I wholehearted agree that children must be made to develop higher order thinking skills early but I also contend that there are somethings that are best learnt through rote. Some persons may disagree with me but that is okay.  I was recently  doing some calculations with a student and when I asked her seven times seven (7×7), she paused and it took her a while to give me the answer. Out of curiosity, I started asking her some others in the same way they were asked of me in primary school and she was stunted. She did not know.

The fact is, despite higher order thinking being the best way to go, rote learning has a place and serves a valuable function in our education system. We should have found a balance between the two; instead, we threw out the baby with the bath water. We aim to improve numeracy but how will we do that when our students do not know timetables? How are we going to improve literacy when our students do not read and are not having fun learning poetry, prose and short stories?

There are some things that as educators we must revisit and implement; see their worth and determine where they best serve their purposes.

Did you recite timetable regularly and do you still remember them? Do you recall poems learnt in primary school? Is there anything you learnt through rote and you still remember it? Share your thoughts here.



2 Jun

When, she gasp her last breath, lightening flashed miserably; thunder roared angrily; wind blew fiercely; tears of God poured wildly; then the world became dark and still…even nature mourned. ( well so I think).

As an aspirant to be quite prolific with pen and words, my heart broke when news broke that literary icon Maya Angelou has decided to go up yonder. Each time I attempt to write or think about writing, your words ring in my ears “I want to be such a good writer that a person will be 30-40 pages before realizing they are reading”. Deep stuff, wouldn’t you say? Oh yes. Deep but quite profound. As a lover of words, it would be remiss of me to not pay tribute to you using what you do best…THE SPOKEN WORDS.



literary greatness


Dr Maya Angelou, at your sunrise Earth gained the most powerful voice that speaks loudly with a pen;

how long it would speak, we knew not then.

Words fail me to express my heart’s hummings;

My pen paused to think of my mind’s runnings;

Dazedly I think of something profound to say;

One conclusion: this writer’s block has my love for you betrayed.


The time clock stopped when few days ago

A most brilliant mind pen ink ceases to flow;

The silence of your pen tapping is agonizing

Your mind I can no longer see.

Soul-full food for thought that once satiated my appetite I will forever crave;

as your cuisine with words at my literary feast will no longer be.


It takes only a phenomenal woman to rise even when you have been beaten with bitter twisted lies;

Only you know why the cage birds sing and how their melodic songs sits on ear lobes and pecks at the hearts of many.


Dr Maya Angelou, now that your sunset has come, I declare Earth has lost a powerful voice that speaks loudly with a pen;dare I say this void will end, we know not when.  R.I.P


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