30 Jul

I don’t get it! Suddenly, naked has become the new fashion.

The sheer is trending and I get that. Better yet, I love that!. It is very good especially with the extreme rise in temperature. It actually saves some of us from being cooked, baked or fried alive. But what I don’t get is this: why is it that the fashion is of such where women can’t even wear underwear with them? Or the little piece beneath the sheer IS the underwear?

Nakedness being paraded as fashion

I mean, to each his own but what happened to “leave some things for the imagination?” It is the hot trend that has saturated the world of celebrities, and has effortlessly dominated red carpet events. I have seen it most prominent with the ‘Rihannas’, the ‘Beyonces’ and ‘J-Los’. Then I noticed the local trend. Where ever my eyes turn, there is a woman in one of those unfinished outfits. A quick browse of the various websites that so faithfully capture the beautiful moments at various events, reveals images of females of all shapes, sizes, and complexion wearing same. This is just horrible and if you think I’m exaggerating just look for yourself. Is this another in a series of Hollywood residues that it has trickled down to us?

Many things that we do especially as it relates to entertainment and fashion is often strongly influenced by the Hollywood celebrities whose lives and actions are often portrayed by media as perfect, and the one to be envied. But then again, who wouldn’t want to emulate what is projected? A life of glimmer and glam, money galore to do all you want and what you don’t want, and most importantly, success, upon success in the entertainment industry.

Totally this a bedtime outfit or what?

The naked sheer fashion this time around has fallen real flat in my unsolicited opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the sheer outfits are just real fabulous, gorgeous, sophisticated, edgey daring, just-drop-dead-need-to-be-in-my-closet. But the naked sheer… quite frankly, I find them really distasteful. At no time is sexy and naked synonymous. A woman can be provocative and daring without being naked. Then again, that’s just my opinion.

I am probably too old school. I thought I was daring and had a good sense of style. But to my displeasure, so many persons are wearing them I am coerced to question whether or not I am truly fashionable.

What do you think my readers?


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