I AM Empowered

I AM Empowered

I am an EXCELLENT educator!  It took me a while to acknowledge, accept and     own   this fact but it is my reality!

I‘ve never had a plan of action as to what particular career path I wanted to pursue.  All I’ve known is  that I want to be successful; I want to impact lives; I want to do great things with my life; I will NOT be  a kruff (worthless).  Quite Frankly, I do not see anything wrong with this because choosing a career path can be one of the most difficult and confusing things for an individual, especially when there are so many things that you love , want to do and you are excellent at.  Yes! I am admitting that at this stage of my life I have not completely decided on a career path…but I am sure I am going somewhere great!

With my mind a maze of ideas, and no directional map, I went into my usual introspection and self-assessment mode. Conclusion, a refocus was mandatory. So, I took all my competencies, experiences and did a mapping (as if I writing a curriculum) and evaluated it against the “I wants” I listed above.

Curse the lot!  All my life I have been an educator. This is where I have the most experience; this is where I have been most successful; this is where I have had the most impact; this is where I have done great things like taking a child from merely counting words to being fluent reader within a year!   I have inspired, motivated and assisted other teachers who harbored self-doubt to maximize their potential. But most importantly, I realized that most-if not all- the things I love, am good at and want to do can be done under my umbrella as an educator.  Conclusion- Focus and perfect one area then gradually add the others!  My inner goddess screamed! Boom flick! Pupalick!  Finally! a sense of direction.  So being a lover of words and one who likes to consume and spit them out,  I designed this blog.

Initially, I had designed this blog to focus on all matters relating to education and to target fellow educators, parents, students, politicians, and the general populace.  As my love for writing grew, and the argumentative, opionated woman matured, I realized the desperate need to find an outlet for the things that were not directly related to education but arguably will educate others. Consequently,  I started sending these articles to the national newspapers and fortunately for me, more often than not, I got them published as a guest columnist.    Remember I did say only most of the articles get published therefore, i became stuck with the others that were unsuccessful.

As a consequence of the above, I made the decision to revisit the mandate of the blog.

First thing I will do is retire the title “Rainereid’s  Educators’ Block” and use “Reid & Write with Dorraine”.  While I will still focus heavily on educational issues, this change will give me the scope to also express my thoughts on a wider range of topics such as, politics, social commentary, sports, social issues, relationships, life changing situations, health & wellness and a range of others.

I am not promising you that this blog will be the answer to all our woes in education; nor will it always have solutions to life’s challenges, but I can GUARANTEE you that you will gain  insight about the issues explored and together we will grow into our own.

So cheers to the evolution  of Reid & Write with Dorraine


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