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27 Aug


She is at it again!.

Jamaica continues to grapple with low literacy rate, one visionary administrator  continues to use Facebook as a medium to help  others improve their use of English skills.  It started long ago and it has become the most sought after staple by the friends, acquaintances, followers, peeping toms (reads: inquisitive persons) on her Facebook page.  The English Language is not easy but with constant practice one can certainly achieve mastery of same.  Alcia Morgan-Bromfield has made it quite simple below:

Basic English 101 (AMB Lecture Series)
“I am often embarrassed to hear these words misused especially by persons who should know better” was the far from lengthy preamble she used to commence her class.  The brevity of it is an indication that there is not much to introduce; let’s get down to business.

The Lesson

  1. Presently – soon to happen. Eg: Presently, I will leave for home.

2). At present – happening now. Eg: At present, I am at the nail technician.

3). Lie – to recline or set one’s self down Eg: I am going to lie for a while.

4). Past tense lay; past participle lain

5). Lay – to set something down Eg: Lay the basket on the table.
Past tense laid; past participle laid.

6).Ordinal numbers tell position eg first, second, third etc so we ought to say The 1st of August NOT August 1st

7). Cardinal numbers tell how many as in 15 cows; 10 dogs etc so we ought to say August 1 NOT August 1st

8). Data: plural of datum. Media plural of medium. Bacteria plural of bacterium. Use these nouns with plurals verbs. Eg: These data are valuable to the research. Social media are sometimes misused. Bacteria are both helpful and harmful.

9). Indiscipline: noun – There was an embarrassing display of indiscipline by the young lady.

10). Undisciplined (adj) She is a rather undisciplined person (note NOT indisciplined)

11). Gear ( paraphernalia associated with sports). THERE IS NO “S” ON THIS WORD no matter how many pieces of gear there are.

It does not get simpler than this.

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21 May

Welcome to the curricula, a heavy weight championships where four competitors butt ‘heads’  for dominance.  Fighting out of literacy corner wearing a robe of vocabulary is heavy  English language,  from the numeracy corner wearing a robe of numbers is  mathematics; from the experiment corner wearing a robe of microscope and formula is Science;  and out of the  entrepreneur corner, wearing a robe of technology, the only middle weight  challenger,  Business!!!.

And they are bouncing and dancing around each other…English language throws a punch, its dodged by mathematics who responds with a solid right…English staggers against the rope and recovers quickly…Whap! Ohhh, a solid right, and a follow up left catching mathematics who unsuccessfully attempts to block them.  Here comes science with a fast right to mathematics and a left to English language….it dances in the ring…science is now being challenged by business.  Business throws a cautious jab and backs away, shielding as it moves around the ring…English language is open, business moves in and lands a solid punch but English responds with a double right hand…its getting exciting… business intends to prove something…it goes throws a jab at mathematics, it backs away dropping its guards, in goes business again, one right, one left, another, another left…..english language throws a punch at science and misses; another and ohh it connects beautifully…. (the bell rings…)

This challenge has been happening for years, yet none has emerged the victor.  You know why?   The victor of this academic boxing challenge has no competitor.    What is the victor?  THE ARTS!!!   All other subject areas lack flexibility, scope and range to make a spread and reach all people.   Let us examine it.

Most teachers, in an attempt to impart the English, science, mathematics and business, utilize the arts in their classrooms.  Students are dramatizing, composing, visual arts, dancing.    On the other hand, if you walk into any of the Arts classes, you will not see them using these other subjects to impart content.  While there may be a fusion, they will not be methodology.   It therefore means, if the arts is such a powerful methodology, why isn’t driving curricula across the world; why isn’t given more respect; why does society try to ignite and fuel a senseless fight among mathematics, English language, science and business for dominance?

Whenever there are attempts at intervention for troubled youths, the arts become the medium through which the intervention takes place.   Whenever entertainment is being sought after, arts become the medium of entertainment.    The life skills that is needed to ensure students function effectively as global citizens are best developed through the arts: teamwork, discipline, socialization, self-confidence, etc…  I would like someone who disagrees with me to share with me how mathematics, English language, science and business adequately teach those life skills.

When you feel sad, your facial expression becomes sad; you sometimes listen to music that reflects your state of mind;  some people will write what they feel; dress how they feel, draw what they feel.  You become expressive.   That IS theatre.

symbolic representation of the arts in curricula

symbolic representation of the arts in curricula

The arts is the nuclei of our education system.   There are some parents who continue to coerce and massage their children for these more traditional academics even when the children do not have the aptitude for it.  Society need to erase the MYTH that it is persons who are ‘dunce’ or less capable pursue the arts.  We cry for education reform but this reformation will not happen successfully until society acknowledges the power of the arts- the heavy weight of all curricula.


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